Executive and Advisory Board Professional Biographies

 Douglas Mallette - President and CEO

 Douglas is a former Systems Engineer for the U.S. Space Shuttle Program and international public speaker on global sustainability, specifically on the geopolitical and socio-economic impact of our technologically advancing world.

When the space program ended he decided to put his technical background to humanitarian use, eventually creating Cybernated Farm Systems, a design and consulting firm dedicated to using our 21st century capabilities to usher in a new sustainable agricultural paradigm.

He is dedicated to the social, economic and political advancement of humanity beyond our current detrimental cycles, using science, engineering and technology as a means to better the planet and all life on it.

Douglas received his Bachelor's degree in Engineering Technology (Space Systems) from the University of Central Florida in 2007, and recently acquired his Master's degree for International Relations in 2018 from the University of Rhode Island.

 Dave Oswald – Research and Development/Aquaponics Specialist

 Dave is an Orlando, Florida native who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in Environmental Science, with a minor in Biology.  Dave is currently conducting Graduate Research at UCF (see below).

Dave is a founding member of the Research and Development Department for I.D.E.A.S. (Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions).  IDEAS FOR US, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, an accredited NGO by the United Nations, helping to advance sustainability and environmental awareness through youth-led action.

Through hands on experimentation and hard work, Dave and other I.D.E.A.S. members help develop and raise awareness about new technologies that can really make a difference, such as aquaponics and vermiculture.

Dave is also the Operations Manager for Agrarian Land and Pond, providing invasive vegetation management (algae and other) for retention ponds and wetlands using their proprietary technique, Ecosystem Facilitation.


Currently Dave’s UCF research is focused in the area of sustainability, including sustainable food production with minimal input controlled environment technologies, and a quantitative process for measuring the sustainability of a product.

Undegraduate Degrees:

-  Business Administration
-  Certificate in Operations Management)
-  Environmental Science
-  Biology (minor)
-  Certificate in GIS (raster and vector)

Graduate Studies (Dual Major):

-  Environmental Science
-  Biology
-  Pioneered the concept of Minimal Input Controlled Environment (MICE) Farming (UCF Thesis)
-  Designed, constructed, and maintained test facility for Thesis Research for 4 years
-  Conducted primary research on biological controls for eutrophication, algae blooms, and invasive species colonization
-  Conducted primary research on system loads for both fish and various crops for Aquaponic systems.


 Habiba Ali – African Affairs Advisor (Nigeria)

 Habiba has over 10 years post BSc and 7 years post MBA development experience in Nigeria with training from Europe.  She has experience in renewable energy related project initialization for communities in Nigeria, designing monitoring systems for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects, undertaking baseline studies for CDM projects in Nigeria, extensive experience in verification assistance for CDM Projects and experience in conducting research (especially in statistic research project).  Recent work includes carrying out baseline studies for C-Quest Capital LLC Washington, improved cook stove for Nigeria CDM project, conducting research on the efficiency of cook stove using the CCT models and implementing the Relief International Arthur Guinness Fund sponsored water filter project.


- Certificate in Formulating proposals for CDM projects, University of Twente, Netherlands

- Certificate in Energy for Sustainable Development, University of Lund, Sweden

- Masters In Banking and Finance, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria

- Post Graduate Diploma In Accounting and Finance, ABU, Zaria

- BSc Accounting, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria


 Alex Nuwagaba – African Affairs Advisor (Uganda)

 Alex Nuwagaba has a Bsc in Statistics and Economics and an Msc in Public Health with a focus on human security. He is the cofounder of Jengo Africa, an organization that is involved in Asset Based Community Development and addressing human security issues across the great lakes region of Africa.


He is passionate about human development, sustainable practices and improving livelihoods. His aim through Jengo Africa is to work with communities to draw upon their existing strengths in order to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future. He is also a devoted farmer and works to challenge and improve the way we perceive farming and agriculture on a whole through the introduction of new sustainable practices that improve yields, use less resources and are not harmful to the environment.

- Msc Public Health, International Health Sciences University, Kampala

- Bsc Statistics (BSTAT), Makerere University


 Sallynjavi – chief technology officer (CTO)

 In 2011 Sallyenjavi and Douglas Mallette met in a high tech conference in Denmark and it was the start of his involvement in the CFS project. Sallynjavi started his first IT company when he was 19 years old. He worked as Web Project manager for more than 12 years. Sallynjavi got his Masters Degree in Law, studied Project Management and IT Security at CBC University, and Robotics in Germany. In 2019 he founded BEZH Denmark, a high tech IT consulting company which is also the official distributor of CFS products in European countries.

In 2019 his company BEZH Denmark has published a patent for a "Human Microchip Implant".
On his free times, he performs as a professional actor in his theater company and plays professional songs.