CFS is currently seeking investors to proceed into the Prototype Development and Operational Run Up phases, which encompasses a 24 month Development Cycle of testing, certifying and developing all the operational characteristics of how a CFS facility will run, and the start of initial operations.

If you are interested in investing in CFS, please contact our CEO at  We look forward to working with visionaries who see the potential for revolutionizing global agriculture.

We have received several emails like this, "I love what CFS is working towards, but I don't have a substantial sum to be an investor in CFS. However, I still want to contribute something. How can I do this?"

First, we are honored and humbled by that level of appreciation for what we're working for. Fortunately, it is perfectly legal for a for-profit company to accept donations, and at this early stage of CFS when we're working many angles to get in front of investors to build the prototype system, all help is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to use this donate button, but please remember that your contribution is NOT tax deductible.

Bitcoins Accepted