In the 21st century, it is unconscionable that anyone should go hungry, that we should waste as much food as we do, or that we should be using so much fresh water for old fashioned agricultural practices, especially given our advanced agricultural knowledge and technical capabilities. One of the largest food problems is the centralized nature of production and the costly expense, financial and environmental, of distribution. Access is everything, and by giving an option to have food grown locally in an efficient and sustainable manner, we can be a part of ushering in a new agricultural paradigm.

Cybernated Farm Systems, LLC, (CFS), is a socially conscious company dedicated to the standards of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our mission is to provide a sustainable agricultural production system, using Systems Engineering and Integration practices (as used by NASA and other technologically sound entities) to develop highly automated aquaponic farm facilities that are clean energy powered, such that the facility is highly self sufficient, grid independent, and requires minimal technical support or human intervention. CFS will use technology and science to accomplish the goal of creating decentralized (local) high yield, small footprint aquaponic farm buildings that are ecologically sound, environmentally conscious and robust in performance and sustainability.



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