In the 21st century, it is unconscionable that anyone should go hungry, that we should waste as much food as we do, or that we should be using so much fresh water for old fashioned agricultural practices, especially given our advanced agricultural knowledge and technical capabilities. Today we have Smart Cars, Smart Phones, Smart Grids and more, so it’s about time we have Smart Greenhouses.


Our mission at Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) is to eliminate the gap between global production and distribution of clean, healthy foods to the people of the world. Using a responsible mix of science, engineering, technology and nature, we have designed a Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse system, delivering produce and fish, that is environmentally conscious and robust in performance and sustainability.


In conjunction with global partners such as governments and humanitarian organizations, and with residential and commercial partnerships, our mission is to help bring about a Second Agricultural Revolution (Agro2.0), not by buying food for people, or even trying to rehabilitate their landscape for 17th century styled agriculture that wastes fresh water, ruins soil and is subject to weather, but to empower them with easy to manage food production facilities that address their survival needs immediately.



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