Smelling the Vineyards

With 9 days to go until the Committee on World Food Security Conference (CFS 41), I can almost smell the Vineyards of Rome.  Okay, maybe not so much, but this promises to be an exciting event for CFS nonetheless.  UN bodies, International Agricultural Research Systems, International and Regional Financial Institutions, Private Sector Associations and Private Philanthropic Foundations from around the world are descending upon the United Nations FAO headquarters with one goal, finding and implementing ways to improve global Food Security.

This particular conference is focused on, but not limited to, Food Waste, and we at CFS are happy to contribute to the discussion (and yes, the irony of us being CFS and the conference being CFS has not escaped me).  Food Waste is a topic we are greatly concerned about, and as far as the supply line goes, we’re starting right at the source, where and how the food is grown.  Local production and local distribution is what we’re all about, and this alone is a large reason why our systems will drastically reduce Food Waste.

If you grow where you live, then you’ve already eliminated the losses due to transport.  If the growing option is protected and controlled (like in a greenhouse), then you’ve already eliminated the losses due to bad weather and pests.  If you include ways to utilize leftover biomass (I don’t know…like a composting system?), then you end up not even wasting the parts you don’t eat.  All in all, the way we’ve designed the CFS facility, with all of its self regulating, recycling, reusing and SUS+ characteristics, we think we’ve done a pretty good job of engineering a system that kicks Food Waste, well, to the waste pile.  As always, the intent is to be the social butterfly I always am, engaging people and fostering relationships that help move CFS forward.

But of course this isn’t all that’s going on in Italy, because right after the conference in Rome I zip up to Prato, Italy (near Florence) to present about CFS at the 4th International Conference on Food Studies, another event where we hope to gather more support, network with more people, and hopefully find the ever elusive funding we need to build our Demo Model in Orlando.

And who knows, as I think about this upcoming trip to Italy, maybe eventually CFS will get into growing grapes, setting the climate inside the buildings to reflect different regions of the world to produce different wines.  Can you smell the vineyards?  ;)




  1. Joanna   •  

    Well you could carry on North to Turin for the Terra Madre conference of the Slow Food movement Oct 23 – 27th. Got to make the most of being in Italy! Have fun.

    • Breno   •  

      “Anything which is more than a handful is a waste”我作為男仔咁講 其實都唔係安慰說話既, 係真既 我諗大部分男性係性生活上都只係要啱啱好 唔好無但唔駛要大胸既 (睇就另計) 其實換轉男仔都唔可以太細但又不用巨大吧…”Anything which is more than a muothful is a waste”=_= …服左你不過除左女星之外 乳房只係屬於自己和自己的另一半吧

  2. Dedel   •  

    Just went to Robin des Bois on Smith Street. Had you ever noticed that they had grape vines grownig in the garden? They were a little bitter but still, grapes in Brooklyn.

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