Global Supporters

Our Global Supporters recognize the importance of what CFS is working to accomplish. They recognize the niche we fill, the techniques we're employing and support the goals this company has. This page will showcase the Companies, NGO's, Humanitarian Organizations and Governments that support our efforts and may potentially become CFS partners or customers when we move to that phase of operation.



NewGeneration Communities, LLC (NewGen) , is a Phoenix, Arizona based Renewable Energy and Sustainable Building consultancy and development group. Starting work in 2011 and officially formed in September 2012, NewGen works with private and public sectors here in North America and with global sovereignties through our affiliation with an African non-profit NGO. NewGen assess', models and recommends potential renewable technologies and advises and/or leads the development of sustainable communities for its clients in North America and East Africa and other selected international markets. 

Phoenix Voyage is an educational multi-media production company, informational resource center and collective of action-based program developers. We help to promote and showcase businesses and organizations focused on the introduction and implementation of technologies and products beneficial to Life in all its glorious diversity.Together with non-governmental organizations and corporations, Phoenix Voyage is stepping into the fold as a member of a global movement, bringing together ‘green’ awareness and implementation of technology, services, and products. We strive to motivate, inspire and activate the communities of America and across the globe thru action-based programs and teamwork!