Sustainability Plus is a philosophy developed by our CEO Douglas Mallette that defines characteristics that go above and beyond just mere sustainability.  Sustainability isn't enough.  That may be an unexpected thing to say in a day and age where the term sustainability is so often mentioned, as we struggle to rectify the damage we've done to ourselves and the planet we all share, but sustainability is just the beginning.  To merely sustain oneself, or sustain a system, means to hold at a base level with no movement either way.

SUS+ is the idea of advancing past "Do no harm," to, "Give something back."  It is sustainable to develop a vehicle that does not pollute, but it would be SUS+ if, by design, that vehicle also created potable water as a byproduct of its very operation.  So how is CFS SUS+?  Beyond the primary role of providing food, here are just a few "Pluses” a CFS facility will provide:

- It will include a composting system that will help people grow additional crops that cannot be grown using aquaponics, revitalizing their local soil and giving them even more food independence.

- CFS is partnered with a water restoration company in such a way that a CFS building will be able to tap local polluted water bodies, use that water in the CFS facility, and clean that water body at the same time for the people to drink.

- Being powered by clean energy systems, the building is always generating power but not always using all of it, so in regions where power reliability and access is a genuine problem, the people being served can plug into the building to charge cell/satellite phones (a major help with communication with rural villages in Sub Saharan Africa), power lights, or for whatever use a building can reasonably handle.

It is our hope that SUS+ will become an industry standard, a philosophy adopted, shared and used by all, which is why the concept and logo for SUS+ are freely available for all to download and use.  We would be honored and overjoyed if SUS+ started showing up as company policies all over the world.

(The SUS+ logo was created by Neal Jones (  Feel free to contact him with your graphic art needs.)